5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Bulk Bags For Your Retail Business 

Packaging plays a vital role in the retail sector. It protects products in various ways. For instance, it helps keep fresh products longer. It’s because, with proper packaging containers, no moisture can reach the products within them. It ensures your products stay in fresh condition for a long time.   

Another benefit of packaging is to prevent products from breaking. It is because high-quality packaging material can prevent your products from getting damaged by external forces.   

Besides, packaging prevents liquid items from evaporating. Apart from that, It can help protect your products from contaminating dirt and harmful substances. Therefore, packaging keeps your products in the best conditions possible.   

Although product packaging has several benefits, sometimes choosing bulk bags in a retail business can be an overwhelming task. For that reason, you can end up purchasing packaging containers that can’t best serve your business. But with the right information, you can always be sure to choose suitable bulk bags for your retail business.   

That said, here are the major mistakes to avoid when purchasing bulk packaging bags for your retail business.  

Wrong Size

Selecting the wrong size for your bulk packaging bags is one of the first mistakes you must avoid. It’s because buying the wrong packaging size container can cost you a lot of money and time.  

For instance, having the wrong size can cause you not to pack your products. It is true, especially when you purchase a smaller size than your products. For that reason, you might be forced to order for another correct bunch. It attracts a lot of costs because most probably you’ll have to pay twice for your packages. Besides, you’ll incur a lot of transport costs when returning the wrong products to the supplier.  

Apart from that, selecting the wrong packaging size can waste much of your time. It’s because your packaging team won’t be productive for the time you’ll be waiting for the delivery of the right size. It affects not only your overall productivity but also your sales. It’s because, at some point, you might be forced to close down your store for several days as you wait for the right packaging size containers to be delivered.   

But you can overcome this by defining the correct size for your products. For that, you might consider purchasing your packaging containers from a supplier who sells FIBC bags. Such bags come in various sizes to suit different business needs. Therefore, you can always be sure to find the right bulk packaging bags for your retail business.   

Selecting Poor-Quality Bags 

Another mistake you can make when purchasing bulk packaging bags for your retail business is to select a low-quality material. For that reason, your packaging bags can’t stay for long without getting damaged. It might not adequately protect your products.  

One of the significant disadvantages of selecting a low-quality packaging bag is its effect on your customer’s experience. For instance, a low-quality packaging container can cause some products to break. Therefore, customers are most likely to purchase already defective items from your retail store. It affects their satisfaction. In such a case, you might lose your regular customers to your competitors.   

Although it’s difficult sometimes to know the quality of your bulk bags unless you touch them, you can avoid this hassle by requesting samples from your seller. It enables you to test the durability and functionality of the packaging bags before ordering them in large quantities.   

Ignoring The Weight Of Your Products 

Although you can select the most durable packaging bag material in the market, it might not be beneficial if you fail to consider the weight of your products. It’s because your bags can get damaged if they hold more weight than they can withstand.  

You should ensure that your retail packaging bags are strong enough to accommodate your products. You can achieve this by directly working with bag manufacturers. Such manufacturers can help determine the weight of your products and design bags than help hold them. 

Selecting The Wrong Color 

Another mistake you can make when selecting your packaging bags is to choose the wrong color. That said, selecting the right color for your packaging containers can play a significant role in your marketing efforts. To help your customer identify your products from those of your competitors, be sure to select the right color for your packaging. Therefore, the choice of your color must reflect your theme and business in general.  

Besides, your color must be well compatible with your logo. However, if you can’t find your brand’s color in the market, you can consider using a neutral color for your packaging bags.   

Working With A Wrong Vendor 

Here, a wrong supplier is a company that doesn’t keep its promises. For instance, such a vendor can promise to deliver high-quality products only to end up delivering substandard bulk packaging bags. It can cost you a lot of money and the reputation of your business.  

To ensure you’re buying your packaging bags from a genuine supplier, you can consider asking for recommendations from other businesses. It involves asking other retailers to refer you to where they purchase their products from.   

Besides, you can identify a good bulk packaging bags supplier by reading online reviews. It involves going to your preferred supplier’s website to see what other clients say. For that reason, you might want to outsource your packaging bags from a supplier with positive reviews. Such a supplier is likely to keep their promises.   

On the other hand, you must be worried about getting your bulk bags from a negatively reviewed vendor. It is because negative reviews are an indication that most other clients never got satisfied with your preferred packaging bags seller. Therefore, you’re also most likely to get a bad experience.   


Most business owners make mistakes when shopping for packaging bags. Therefore, they order bags that can’t serve their purpose, thus costing them a lot of money. That said, if you want to get the right packaging for your products, and serve your customers better, be sure to avoid those common mistakes discussed in this article.  


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