How To Earn Loyal Brand Advocates With Personalized Outreach Automation

When independent advocates speak up in favor of your brand, this is immensely valuable and can build momentum behind your business in various ways.

From catalyzing brand awareness to showing that you are a trusted name in your niche, earning loyal and vocal supporters in the social media age has a lot to offer organizations of all sizes.

Luckily you can achieve this quicker and more successfully than ever thanks to the automation of your outreach campaigns, all while retaining the personalization that ensures your messaging clicks with your target audience.

Let’s take a look at how you can go about earning loyalty from prospects with the aid of automated outreach solutions that include ample customization options.

B2C vs B2B

There are major differences between the way consumer-facing and business-focused brands handle outreach. The chief one in the context of automated outreach is which platforms they leverage, and the accompanying strategies which go along with each.

For example, B2C brands frequently overlook LinkedIn as a suitable platform for outreach, even if it is hugely influential in the B2B space.

This is a missed opportunity, since with the ability to automate lead generation using Salesflow, LinkedIn is a potential goldmine for relationship-building with future brand advocates for B2C brands as much as it is for their B2B contemporaries.

Another interesting aspect which makes LinkedIn and other B2B-based services an intriguing prospect from a B2C brand perspective is that the people using these tools for networking and job-hunting are not always in work-mode.

The upshot is that they can be reached out to as consumers, so long as you get your pitch right and don’t blow it by going too hard on the sales aspect.

Personalization and automation combined

Regardless of the type of customer your company caters to, outreach efforts must be personalized, or else they risk falling on deaf ears.

Generic messaging might be adequate for the biggest consumer-oriented brands, but this is not the way to get loyal acolytes onboard. The bespoke approach is far more effective, and thankfully this can still be automated.

The solution is to select the right tools for the job. LinkedIn outreach automation solutions, for example, can offer comprehensive customization capabilities when generating leads and sending initial messages, as well as when responding to any interactions you generate as a result.

This is one of the reasons that social media platforms such as LinkedIn are able to conjure up conversions more consistently than strategies like cold calling and unsolicited outreach emails, for example.

Intelligent, AI-driven software will optimize your outreach, pinpoint appealing prospects and hook them with communication that speaks to their unique interests and needs.

Consider the role of content

Personalized messaging is just one part of the personalized outreach automation process; you also need to offer the prospects you contact additional reasons to get to know your brand.

This is where content comes into play, specifically posts and articles which are tailored to the requirements and expectations of your ideal audience.

Being able to point people towards the crafted content you have available either elsewhere on the platform, or separately on your website, will bring them further into the fold, and gradually reveal the real perks of being involved with your brand to them.

So there you have it; earning loyal brand advocates is possible for B2C and B2B brands alike, and automation does not need to come at the cost of personalization. With modern tools and techniques, outreach initiatives can succeed more consistently and deliver a better ROI for your business.

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