5 Tips for Repeat Business

Want your customers to return? Of course you do. The question is… how can you make this happen?

Below, consider these 5 quick tips to help you generate more repeat customers.

Tip 1: Offer staple products your customers need

Every retailer – whether they realize it or not – has staples and statements within their store assortment. Staples get the customers in the store, such as milk or underwear, where as statements keep customers in the store, such as eggnog or seasonal accessories. Assorting these essential inventory items are key, although making sure you have enough quality staple items to continue to “get” customers in your store is vital. Think about what your staple products are. Are they bringing in as many customers as often as you’d like?

Tip 2: Deliver memorable customer service

It’s no secret customers prefer great customer service versus lousy customer service. But let’s think about this for a moment. When have you – as a customer – received great customer service lately? Did you tell your friends or family about it? Did you tell the store or business about it? Did you return to this place again for another experience? Customer service that is memorable is worth talking about, and if you’re store isn’t gaining this type of attention than you can do better… plain and simple. Aim to deliver memorable, standout, stellar customer service to all your customers… even the ones that just linger and don’t spend a dime (because the reality is, they may need something a week later and think of your store if they enjoyed it the first time they were there).

Tip 3: Beat customer expectations 

It’s one thing to deliver great customer service. It’s another to beat customer’s expectations. Pay attention to your customers and go out of your way to support them in their shopping needs… or just their everyday needs. For example, if you find out a customer is shopping for a new dress for a funeral, be sure to follow up with them and send your condolences (assuming you have their email or snail mail address). Over hear a customer tell you they are planning a vacation? Add an extra little something compliments of your store to their purchase, just to add to the vacation excitement. This could be a vendor giveaway or other promotional item you have easily available. Or possibly it’s as simple as offering local delivery of a large purchase if it’s raining outside and they don’t want to get their new items and bags wet. Great creative here – this is your chance! But the main objective is to think outside of the box to show your customers your truly care about them… and that you go above and beyond to take care of them.

Tip 4: Make future visits worth making 

Customers have countless options as to where they shop, so it can’t hurt to give them an extra nudge to return to your store. Offer “gift certificates” to purchases over a certain amount (whether $50, $100 or whatever makes sense for your unique business) as an added incentive for your customers to come shop again. Notice, however, that you are offering “gift certificates” and not “coupons”. The perception of a gift certificate goes a lot farther than that of a coupon. Make it $5, $10 or even $20 if you can. But make it exciting enough for them to return! While you may spend a little to get their attention here, you ultimately are making more than if they don’t return at all.

Tip 5: Nurture existing customer relationships

So often, retailers are seeking new customers that they overlook existing customers. Make sure to give customers who have already spent money in your store deserved attention. Send a huge “thank you” to them via an email blast or host a customer appreciation night at your store. This may seem like simple steps, but they work.

Finally, stay at it! Taking care of your store and your customers is a full time job that needs to constantly be managed. Don’t let your customers fall too far behind on your priority list. Your sales will thank you as a result!


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