Four Reasons Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Call Centers

We often hear the phrase ‘artificial intelligence’ (AI) branded about, and for many people, it’s a scary term.  In call centers, many people believe that AI will take over the human element, eliminating jobs, and leading to a poor standard of care.  However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. AI now helps make everything from checking in for flights to traveling on trains easier, and in business, AI can help prevent human agents from spending time dealing with mundane tasks.  Below are some of the reasons why we believe artificial intelligence is the future of call centers.

It’s Faster

When a customer phones a call center, they can be left waiting for an undetermined length of time, depending on how busy the human agents are.  With AI, the wait time is eliminated and customer queries can be answered immediately. According to Humach call center, “Quick fixes often mean good customer service in the eyes of the consumer.”  While AI is best suited to dealing with common FAQs and queries, it can help to speed up the service a customer receives, which can only be a good thing.  And, as AI becomes more effective, things will only improve further.

It’s Available 24/7

Unless you run a large company, it’s unlikely you can afford to pay staff to work 24/7.  Most smaller companies have call centers that operate between 9-5 or from 8-7 and then close down until the following day.  With AI, you can leave your call center open 24/7, enabling customers to gain help at a time that most suits them – and when they most need it.  This is especially useful for businesses that operate internationally, as time differences won’t impact the level of customer service they are able to provide.

Save Money on Staff Training

One of the best things about AI call center software is that the more it works, the more it learns.  And, as opposed to human staff, you don’t need to continually train it in order for it to improve. Call center software also tends to be more reliable – it doesn’t quit or phone in sick for two days.  It also doesn’t have any prejudices that could lead to a lower quality of service.  While the majority of human agents are professional at all times, we all know what it’s like to experience a rude customer, and react negatively in the heat of the moment.

Customers Want It

Speak to any millennial and they’ll probably let you know how quickly they want things fixing – and also, how much they’d prefer to try to fix things themselves.  Most will turn to FAQ and service pages, and then live chat, before they will even think about picking up a phone.  An AI call center can add one extra option to their arsenal before they’re forced to speak to a human.  For businesses that cater to young adults, AI is well worth the investment.


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