How Local Pharmacies And Retailers Are Transforming The Clinical Trial Delivery Model

In a world where patients are becoming less and less willing to travel, many clinical trials struggle to find a suitable model for delivering their services. One solution has been to partner with local pharmacies and retailers. These businesses have been able to connect with patients in new ways, but they also have the added benefit of offering personalized care.

Getting the necessary approvals and conducting the trials can take years and cost millions. However, lately, local pharmacies and retailers are transforming the clinical trial delivery model. In this article, you’ll learn how local pharmacies and retailers transform the clinical trial delivery model. Here are some of the ways:

Improved Data

Local pharmacies and retailers have transformed the clinical trial delivery model. The transformation has been driven by the need to improve data and automate MDR (Metadata Repository), with the help of Formedix MDR solutions and other services.  With automated MDR, pharmacy staff no longer need to manually file reports or wait for manual approvals from trial sites or sponsors. They can upload their data directly into a system where it’ll be reviewed by a trained professional who’ll then approve or reject the report before being reviewed by regulatory authorities.

Clinical trials often rely on manual MDR systems, which can be inefficient and error-prone. By automating MDRs, local pharmacies and retailers can improve data accuracy and reliability and expedite turnaround times for approvals. Thus, local pharmacies and retailers are transforming the clinical trial delivery model by providing improved data that helps to streamline the trial process.

Institutionalized Process

Pharmacies and retailers are transforming the clinical trial delivery model by instituting a standardized process. Their implementation of this process begins with a survey of their patients, who are asked to participate in a clinical trial. The pharmacy or retailer then screens the patient’s eligibility for the trial, and if they’re eligible, they register them for the study. Once registered, the patient is given information about how to access their medication, how often they should take it, and so on.

The clinical trial delivery model is a growing industry, and it’s been changing how pharmaceuticals are made. The industry has been institutionalized, and it’s become easier for local pharmacies and retailers to work with clinical trials. As a result of the shift, people now demand more from their healthcare providers than ever before. They want access to data on trial outcomes, to provide feedback and input into their treatment plans, and interact with their doctors in real-time.


Local pharmacies and retailers are transforming the clinical trial delivery model by providing a more convenient way to access treatments. While clinical trials traditionally require participants to travel to a clinic or hospital, local pharmacies and retailers now offer convenient locations for patients to pick up their medications using efficient retail logistics. These locations give patients access to medications without leaving their homes or workplaces.

Convenience is critical when it comes to participating in clinical trials. The easier patients enroll and receive their treatments, the better their chance of getting the life-changing results they need. With the help of local pharmacies and retailers, clinical trials are becoming more accessible.

Reduced Costs

Local pharmacies and retailers are transforming the clinical trial delivery model by reducing patient and healthcare costs. By leveraging their relationships with patients and expertise in managing supply chain logistics, local pharmacies and retailers can reduce costs for patients and the healthcare system. Transformative models help reduce costs by reducing the number of steps between drug developers and patients. 

Local pharmacies and retailers can provide these services because they have a closer relationship with customers than other healthcare providers, such as hospitals and clinics. This allows them to serve as an intermediary between drug developers and patients, making it easier for patients who need prescription drugs to receive them at a lower cost than if they were receiving them from a hospital or clinic. The traditional clinical trial model, in which the sponsor delivers all of the services for the trial, has been replaced with a model that incorporates local pharmacies and retailers. 

Program Support

Pharmacies and retailers are transforming the clinical trial delivery model by providing support that helps make clinical trials more accessible to patients. This trend has given rise to new opportunities for pharmacies and retailers to help patients understand how they can participate in clinical trials and better manage their health. Pharmacy staff can provide information about participating in clinical trials, including enrolling, what to expect during the trial, and what happens after it ends.


Local pharmacies and retailers are transforming the clinical trial delivery model by providing easier access to participants and information about clinical trials. They’re helping to provide better care to patients and reduce costs for pharmaceutical companies. Consequently, they improve the health of the communities they serve.


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