How to Start your Career in Retail


You deal with the retail industry whenever you buy something online, in a shop, or even over the phone. So, you might perhaps not be surprised to learn that the retail industry is one of the biggest employers worldwide.


Millions of people work in the sector, which means that retail jobs are in plenty for those looking to pursue a career in this industry. What’s more it is not just about scanning barcodes and stacking shelves even though this can be an excellent place to start when pursuing a career in retail. Retail jobs are usually fast-paced, diverse, and challenging. If this sounds like the career for you visit Arielle Executive to find your next role.


Why the Retail Industry?


With regards to variety, employment opportunities are available in a variety of niches, which include buying, sales, logistics, design, and merchandizing, to name but a few. Retail is a career where you can literally start on the shop floor and subsequently work your way up.


Moreover, there’s exposure to numerous other sectors within the industry itself. Retail jobs are available in just about all industries from the high street supermarkets and chain stores to electrical goods, fashion, cosmetics, etc., so if you are looking for a retail job in a certain industry or sector, it is important to find something in retail that actually meets your career goals.


Desire Flexibility?


Flexibility is another aspect of the retail industry that attracts people. While many jobs in the retail industry are 9-to-5, it is a sector that probably has more flexible and part-time working opportunities than any other. Many people actually find themselves in a lengthy career in retail via a temporary or part-time job. For the people that want flexible working hours, the more popular retail jobs are usually behind a cash register or on the shop floor.


The other great thing about a career in the retail industry is that skills are mostly transferrable to other industries if you ever choose to shift your career later on. Attractive benefits such as staff discounts may also be provided.


As is clearly evident, there are many reasons why you should consider a career in retail, so what are some of the best ways to go about it?


Start Your Job Search


Retail is mostly about selling and employers are looking for passion, enthusiasm, and personality. You don’t necessarily require any qualifications, but there are courses that can give you and advantage and help you start further up the career ladder. Any experience that you bring with you will be a clear advantage.


Customer services personnel and retail assistants are some of the entry-level positions. A part-time position or apprenticeship is a great way to get started here. Graduates usually gravitate to distribution, management, and head office roles. PR and branding are some of the most popular retail jobs. Recruitment fairs are the most obvious way to get into the industry if you are close to graduating, but you can also find numerous opportunities by performing a quick job search.


Financially speaking, the vast majority of entry-level positions on the shop floor actually pay about minimum wage, but you can expect your salary to improve as you move up through the ranks. The best salespeople are in demand and paid accordingly as with every industry. It is worth noting that some of the best retail jobs are available throughout the country from small towns and villages to large urban centers, which means that you don’t necessarily need to look for retail jobs in big cities since there are probably plenty of employment opportunities near you.

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