Marketing And Selling Industrial Equipment: A Guide For Retailers

If your business is selling industrial equipment, you’re in for extra pressure. You’re not exactly selling items classified as commodities. Instead, they’re expensive equipment needed only by those who are also in the construction business.

Equipment retailers are limited in their scope of potential clients, but this shouldn’t be a disadvantage if you know how to stand out from the competition and how to capture the attention of your target market. 

Therefore, industrial equipment retailers must learn the ropes of the marketing strategies that apply to them. The key is to focus on marketing techniques that are guaranteed to bring in the highest return on investment without overspending, so you can maximize the profit earned from industrial equipment sold. 

This guide walks retailers through some effective strategies to implement for your sales team.

Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to posting and writing content on your website to educate those looking for industrial equipment and influence their buying behavior. 

When you go for content marketing, remember you’re reaching out to readers aligned with buying industrial equipment like these you’ll find just here. However, you must take that extra step to convince would-be buyers that your industrial equipment is the answer to their business needs.  

Here are various forms of content marketing you can look into as industrial equipment retailers:

  • E-books
  • Web pages
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics

Nurture Prospect Clients In The Sales Funnel

When you already have potential buyers going through the sales funnel, focus your efforts on nurturing those clients. Give them a pleasant customer service experience, so they finish off the sales funnel strong. This means they’ve decided to close a deal by purchasing the industrial equipment they need from your brand. 

This is essential as you must remember that not a high percentage of your target market will make it to your sales funnel. When they do, start by warming your sales leads up while not necessarily being too pushy with pitching your industrial products.

Launch An Active, Updated, And Relevant Website

Say you already have an e-commerce website up and running. You might mistakenly think that this is sufficient. Although having a website is a good start, it won’t work especially if it’s not active, updated, and relevant. 

Make it a point to post new content regularly on your website. Is there an ongoing promotion for certain industrial equipment you’re trying to phase out? Publish that on your homepage. Are there changes to your locations and contact details? Refresh your ‘Contact Us’ section. Those two examples should give you the gist of what it means to have an active website. 

A business website is almost always a must-have in today’s digital business climate. Many buyers, especially those buying higher-priced items like industrial equipment, will thoroughly search for suppliers on the Internet. You might lose potential sales if you don’t have an Internet presence.

You can start to make a quick run of your existing website by assessing the following factors:

  • Is it mobile-friendly? The answer should be affirmative, as this means your website is easily accessible even for those browsing from a smaller screen.
  • Does your website load fast? No one has forever to wait for a website to load. On average, website owners have at most 10 seconds to load before the website visitor may close it to load another one instead.
  • Do you practice a smart inventory system? Your website should be consistently updated so as to reflect any change in the inventory, like when certain equipment is still out of stock. This is a matter of customer service, where busy clients who may also be business owners don’t have to waste time and linger on a specific item and its description on your website when it is still out of stock.

Reach Out Through Email Marketing

Given that most industrial equipment buyers are also entrepreneurs, they’ll be checking their emails more than ordinary individuals would. Take advantage of this as a window of opportunity for you to build rapport through email. 

Venture into email marketing so you can personally reach out to would-be buyers and schedule a pitch or presentation of your industrial equipment. Email marketing is still very effective, so this is one you shouldn’t miss out on.


Generating sales from selling industrial equipment may not be that simple, given how you sell specialized and expensive products. It’s unlike ordinary daily activities the general public will have to buy, even when they’re on a budget.

The market you cater to as an industrial equipment retailer is slim, but the profit-earning potential is also high. This is given that your sales and marketing strategies are intact. The list above may just be what you need to revamp your marketing strategy so your industrial equipment business will see more sales this year and beyond.


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