3 Reasons to Re-Merchandise Your Store Everyday

Have we lost you yet?

The idea to re-merchandise your store EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. is like one that makes you want to cringe. After all, you’re busy. And we get that! But here us out.

1. A little bit of something everyday makes a big impact. 

Take working out, for example. If you workout everyday – even if just for a quick 15 minutes of half hour – you are more likely to see results, stay consistent at it and enjoy the benefits of it, as well. Merchandising your store is actually very similar. If you consistently work at making your displays, store shelves, signage and total in-store experience a stronger experience for your customers through merchandising, you will reap the benefits of having an always evolving store. Customers will appreciate the change in how your store looks, as well, and for many local businesses, this provides a huge benefit. What may have been on a shelve one day may land on a center rack the next day, and suddenly sales of the item may shift. Change – plain and simple – creates impact, and that’s the goal.

2. Customers enjoy the experience of something new. 

If your store remains too consistent in it’s displays and merchandising, customers take notice of it… or lack of it, depending on how you want to look at this. Keep your customers on their toes and with their wallets ready by mixing things up. Make their experience in your store fun, engaging and inviting. While you may have a general area they can expect to find something – such as a back wall with your best selling, staple items – how you merchandise the overall store and even specific areas should change daily. Now, we understand not EVERYTHING needs to change daily, but if you change at least one area a day, within 7 to 10 days your store should have a whole new face-lift and feeling to it.

3. Your store responsibilities won’t feel so overwhelming. 

Have you ever walked into your store and just felt overwhelmed with everything on your to-do-list? We can’t promise that will go away, but we can suggest doing a little bit of merchandising everyday to help elevate that dreaded feeling of having to give your entire store a makeover. Naturally, you may want to still do a seasonal, holiday or special event overhaul every now and again, but for day to day sales, merchandising things differently a little everyday can help you from feeling overwhelmed with having to do it all at once.

While keeping a store fresh and exciting goes well beyond just merchandising, how you merchandise it certainly makes an impact. Consider highlighting “just arrived” inventory in a special spot. Incorporate “locally produced items” in a key area. Identify unique products with special call outs or signage. The ideas are endless to keep things engaging for your customers while also keeping YOU on your merchandising toes.

Photo Details: Kimberly Efseaff, owner of Bon Bons Boutique in California, consistently merchandises her store to keep things fresh and exciting for her loyal, local customers.
Learn more about Kimberly and her business in the October 2013 issue of Retail Minded Magazine! 


  • Camille
    December 16, 2013

    I totally agree with these tips. I used to work in a small store that quickly began to have falling sales. I wasn’t a good sales person, but I took on the responsibility of merchandising the store. I changed something everyday, and we saw immediate rise in sales. Regular customers who shopped often felt a new experience every time and saw products displayed in new ways.

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