3 Ways to Boost Your Company’s Success with Gen Z Employees

Over the years, you may have caught yourself making generalized statements about the different generations that make up today’s workforce.

While saying, “Oh, he won’t want a new smartphone — he’s a Baby Boomer and probably doesn’t like technology” may not even be true, statements like “Millennials are so open-minded and willing to try new things — they rock!” shows you’re more open-minded and accepting. Of course, in both of these examples, your statements were based on stereotypes which may or may not be accurate.

But now that you’re an independent retailer — and Gen Z is just starting to enter the workforce — it’s important to look past these stereotypes and generalizations to understand what truly makes Gen Z tick. More specifically, it’s crucial to know what Gen Z employees are looking for in a work environment and how you might be able to make some changes to attract, welcome and retain employees from this generation.

With this in mind, here are several ways to boost your company’s success with this young cohort:

1. Gen Z is Independent and Hardworking

When you compare Gen Z to the millennials who have already entered the workforce, Gen Z’ers tend to be more independent and competitive. While millennials often believe in team spirit and collaborating with others, Gen Z does not necessarily feel this way.

That’s why it’s important for retailers to realize they need to adopt a different approach with this younger cohort — one that appreciates Gen Z’s competitive spirit and their desire to do their best, work independently, and who will be loyal and strive to succeed every day.

2. Gen Z is Exceedingly Comfortable with Technology

If you wish to attract driven Gen Z employees to your workplace, giving them access to tech-based tools to help them do their jobs efficiently is a great place to start. Of course, Gen Z’ers have literally never lived life without the internet and gadgets like smartphones, and they’re likely to be fairly comfortable with all types of technology.

Thus, if you provide your team with the newest smartphones for work purposes, Gen Z’ers will likely be able to explain all of its bells and whistles to you and everyone else. Gen Z employees also appreciate being given valuable tech tools to help them do their jobs more efficiently.

If you use call contact center software to augment your customer service department, Gen Z’ers are likely to recognize the need for this type of technology and embrace it. For example, a flexible and worthwhile call center platform should include cloud, on-premises, hosted or hybrid environment options — features Gen Z’ers will likely welcome and appreciate.

3. Gen Z Values a Flexible Workplace

Gen Z is accustomed to the concept of a 24/7 world and connecting with friends, family and peers at all hours of the day. While this generation is likely to appreciate a stable job and regular paycheck, they may question some of the traditional aspects of a typical 9-to-5 workday and rigid break schedule.

With that in mind, employers who wish to attract Gen Z’ers may want to consider adopting flexible work hours for those who desire such a schedule; after all, as long as the work is being completed in a timely manner, it may be possible to break away from a set-in-stone schedule.

The same goes for lunch and personal breaks. While you’ll likely need to ensure your entire team doesn’t head out to lunch at the same time, Gen Z’ers will appreciate getting permission to step out for a quick break now and then, especially if they’re doing quality work both quickly and efficiently.

Gen Z Will be a Boon to Your Business

Granted, not every employee born in the early to mid-1990s will share the same generational characteristics. You may hire some Gen Z’ers who seem more like millennials, and that’s perfectly fine. But, as a general rule of thumb, giving this generation the chance to be independent, use advanced technology, and enjoy a flexible work schedule will result in happy and loyal Gen Z’ers who strive to help your company succeed.

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