Security In The Warehouse–Everything You Need To Know

The warehouse is often the backbone of any retail business – sure, looking after customers has to be a priority, but if there’s no stock, they’ll be very unhappy indeed. A harmonious warehouse is imperative for many reasons, not least, fiscal ones – and so security (and safety) is imperative.

Watch It Around The Clock

When it comes to crime experienced in businesses, you would probably be shocked to discover that businesses in the wholesale and retail sector experience the most incidents – in the UK for example, for 2017, there were an estimated 23,000 incidents per 1000 businesses.

Leaving your warehouse unattended is not a wise move, and so hiring night security contractors and setting up other security measures may be your best bet. CCTV and alarm systems are, of course, absolutely essential, so that you can notify the proper authorities instantly when required and prove any wrongdoing that has gone on. Adequate lighting, secured stock, and proper locks are also crucial parts of minimizing security risks.

Prioritize Safety

When dealing with a warehouse environment, it’s important to ensure the safety of your staff – which could potentially be a very large number of people. Not only does this show compassion, it also protects you – being a good employer with respect for employees means you’re less liable for lawsuits should something entirely preventable go wrong.

Engelbert Strauss have a motto – and that’s “enjoy work”. The independent, family-owned business has experience and understanding of the need to provide employees with work-safe clothing, such as hi-vis trousers and other outerwear. It’s important that employees can see one another at all times, especially in the dark or when working outside (for example, loading things into the warehouse at times of poor visibility).

Of course, other safety measures also have to be in place. Shifts should not be too long, there should be regular breaks as well as days off, and employees should be in good health, always staying alert and hydrated.

Manage Threats From Within

Sadly, not all crime committed against your warehouse is going to be external. Some employees will, unfortunately, have intentions of their own. You should think about this right from the hiring stages. Background checks are a great idea.

To try and counteract issues, you should put measures in place which do not patronize staff, but which make them aware that they cannot do the wrong thing. Trust senior members of staff to do walk-throughs regularly, which not only cuts down on crime but also accidental wrongdoing. Also, make it safe and easy for whistle-blowers, no matter their level. Perform searches at the end of each day – even on these senior staff members, to promote accountability. Make sure any visitors to the warehouse are signed in at all times.

Finally, showing respect to your staff with regards to your attitude and even their remuneration is important as well. They’re far less likely to attack your profits if you keep that in mind.

Don’t ever think that safety and security issues aren’t important – in fact, they’re important above all else.

Photo credit (CC BY 2.0) by Marcin Wichary

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