Simple Tools to Help Grow Your E-commerce Business

Investing in the right tools heavily affects efficiency and productivity for any business. You need the right tools in order to succeed if you are planning to start a website or an online business in 2019. There are a wide variety of tools available in the market today. Optimizing your e-commerce site for conversion is essential after starting your business, lest you want to risk falling behind. These tools will help your overall e-commerce strategy.


There are probably hundreds of thousands of ecommerce tools these days. Setting up your ecommerce store can be a confusing task from start to finish. Whether it’s a shopping cart software or marketing automation tools, it’s easy to get lost in the details. Knowing beforehand which tools are actually helpful and which are more trouble than they’re worth can be difficult. There are several categories of ecommerce apps. However, it is beyond the scope of this blog to talk about all the many types of e-commerce tools, so we will be going over some of the ones that stand out.



Accounting & HR

  • QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a simple enough tool to use for your business accounting needs. As a businessperson, you need to be on top of your finances at all times.


QuickBooks offers a variety of services. It can provide analytics to manage revenue, expenses, profits etc. for small businesses. It can also run payroll for your employees, and pay and manage your bills. One of their most helpful tools is their invoicing software, which basically ensures that you get paid quickly and on time.


Website Platform

Once you have a product or service you want to sell, the next step would be to design a website. Various platforms offer feature packed e-commerce design themes.

  • Magento

Magento is an open source, free to use platform, where you only have to pay to host your website. If your plan is to build a scalable, long-term business, then you might consider Magento as a good option. It offers more than 500 add-ons, both paid and free, on a robust framework. You can keep the price low by only using the free or most essential extensions based on your needs. You also get multisite-multiuser features under a single account with Magento. The drag and drop feature lets you build your website with flexibility. There are lots of other features with Magento which will help you maximize the output of your e-commerce business.


Marketing Tool

The next item on the agenda once you have your website up is to market your product through various digital platforms. You also need to make sure you’re targeting the right audience. A variety of tools can be used to market your product.


Even when you have a website, it’s very difficult to get traffic to any new website. You have to resort to paid traffic. Many marketing platforms allow you to run your ads in order to get traffic into your website. You could even use several different ones to generate more traffic for your business.

  • Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the most popular platforms to market your e-commerce product. Google is, without doubt, the largest search engine. People search for everything on Google these days, and Google provides. This includes your target customers, who search for products on Google as well. It’s likely that your site will not rank on Google search in the beginning, this is where Google Ads comes in. Google Adwords allows you more control over the keywords that you target based on what the user is searching. It allows you to optimize your ad campaigns using different keyword modifiers. Adwords even offers you free credit to start with.


Marketing & Analytics

  • Hootsuite

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool when you’re starting out. In fact, these days it’s probably going to be your main marketing tool. It can help you reach millions of people if used right, and it’s free and easy to use.

Social media can sometimes get hard to manage when you’re having to do it over several platforms. Hootsuite is a great tool to help you manage your social media content on multiple channels. It can also help you find new content to post on your feed. It also allows you to schedule posts on all your social media accounts as well as respond to your followers.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


SEMrush is one of the best SEO keyword research tool and is essential for search engine marketers. Using this tool, you can check which keywords or phrases are bringing the most traffic to your site, as well as those who are competing for your keywords. It also provides an estimate as to how much this organic traffic would have cost had it been paid.

Another one of its many features is that it not only provides you a summary of the traffic on your website, it also notifies you of any penalties that have been incurred.



A Better Solution?

 Syncoria is a full-service digital agency based in Toronto. Since 2004, their team of local and offshore technology integrators has consistently delivered integrated digital solutions to small and medium B2B businesses across Canada.

They have the experience of working with large enterprises and small businesses alike. They tailor solutions to your specific needs and help you achieve your business goals. With the help of Odoo, their ready partner, they provide customized solutions to transform and optimize your business process.

  • Odoo

With an integrated e-commerce platform, Odoo allows you to easily maintain inventory and sales via automatic stock adjustments and reporting. Why have a separate app for each detail when you can have an all-encompassing umbrella app for all your specific needs.

Odoo also integrates all your different apps for billing and accounting, reporting and analytics, as well as your inventory system, all into one to provide an all-in-one, out-of-the-box solution to all your ecommerce needs. In fact, Odoo’s unique value proposition is to be user-friendly and fully integrated at the same time. What’s more, you get to pick and choose only the apps you want, meaning your package is entirely customizable.


Henry is the digital operation at Syncoria, a Canadian based business transformation solution.Their local team consists of business analysts, solutions architects, project managers, delivery managers, and quality assurance engineers, all of whom are trained experts in Odoo. They claim to reach successful implementation every time through an iterative and transparent process. For a free assessment, call +1 (416) 628-5522, or send them an email at

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