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The $5 Retail Solution

Twenty years ago, dollar mania swept the country and consumers became crazed with buying general merchandise for a single dollar… or less. Now it’s no secret that $1 can’t buy you a lot, but there is still a lot of money to  be made selling lots and lots of $1 items. However, nowadays there is more money to be made in the $5 retail market, and no one knows this better than Kole Imports, a California based company that is leading the charge in the industry’s evolution with an exciting and profitable solution.

Kole Imports, a regular exhibitor at the bi-annual ASD Trade Show in Las Vegas, recently introduced a new concept for retailers to boost sales and increaes profits.


“Adding a $5 retail section to a retail store requires zero overhead and zero added expense,” explains Kole Imports.

They are so confident in this new trend that they plan to exhibit in two large booths at the upcoming ASD Trade Show (taking place August 4-7, 2013 in Las Vegas) with $5 items only. Over 200 diverse items will be available, catering to a variety of retail types. Their hope? That retailers will quickly realize this $5 solution is the perfect opportunity to build on their existing business, boost profits and help set a new industry trend.

We’re curious what you think, though. Retailers, let us know. Please comment below!

Want to visit Kole Imports at the ASD Show in Las Vegas August 4-7, 2013? Visit them at booth SU1000 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

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