Top 5 Strategies To Improve Your Online Storefront For 2021

Online shopping is becoming a popular trend between business to consumers and business to businesses. The coronavirus pandemic also boosted online shopping as people were restricted from going to crowded places like shops. So, with shopping moving online, businesses can take advantage of connecting to more clients online rather than on-premise. 

When using your website as your shop, you need to understand that many people will visit your website. However, turning these site visitors into buyers will depend on how you’ve designed your website. Therefore, a lot of focus needs to go into strategies to improve your online storefront. For businesses in the UK, you can take advantage of the eCommerce agency in UK to help you design a strategic eCommerce site. 

Strategies For An Online Storefront

With more people and businesses adopting eCommerce platforms when doing business, your website will be your storefront. Therefore, you need to implement ideas that’ll make it user-friendly for your customers. You can use these top five strategies to improve your online storefront: 

Make Your Website Responsive 

Most people access the internet through mobile phones than desktops. So, statistically, a person is more likely to access your online store through a mobile phone. Your website design should be responsive to allow users to effortlessly navigate through it regardless of what device they’re using it. The font, products, product description, and other information should display on a phone like it would on any other device. 

If users access your website through a mobile phone and the fonts are too small, they get discouraged and move to a different site. Moreover, if other important information is somewhat missing on mobile browsers because the website isn’t responsive, buyers may leave a negative review, which would hurt your ranking. 

Improve Page Speed 

Pages that don’t load or take a lot of time before loading will always discourage visitors. Usually, people will navigate to different pages on your website to look for extra information such as product descriptions or prices. However, if the pages take too long to load, they’ll be discouraged and bounce off before making purchases, and you’ll lose customers. 

So, you should focus on optimizing the loading speed for your websites. Some different techniques and plugins can help your website improve loading speed. Once the speed is optimized, you can reduce the friction of purchase checkout for your customers. 

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

The location of a retail shop is so important as it determines the number of customers who can visit the shop. The same applies to online storefronts; your site’s ranking is crucial in getting click-throughs that you can turn into customers. If your site is ranked on the search engines’ fourth, fifth, or lower pages, you’ll generate very little traffic. 

SEO techniques help your business rank higher. There are simple techniques such as using simple URLs, keyword research, and lead generation through social media sites to help your site rank higher. You can also hire a professional strategist to conduct SEO analysis and implement strategies to improve your ranking. With more visibility on your online storefront comes more sales. 

Use Social Proof To Get Buyers 

One advantage of online storefronts is that you let customers add product reviews when they purchase or leave feedback about your experience. When customers are debating between making a purchase or not, or if they want to choose your products or a competitor’s products, they’ll look at the reviews from past customers. 

By adding a review section on your website or a place where customers can give testimonials, new visitors will be assured that your products are good. You can also use your social media handles to let people leave feedback, as buyers can dig deep before deciding to buy from you. 

Utilize Live Chat Buttons 

Even after providing all the required information, some buyers will still prefer someone to take them through the website and the products. It can be likened to having an attendant that directs you in a shop where the products are, which simplifies your shopping. 

Therefore, your website should have a chat button that gives customers 24/7 support. The button can be managed by agents or by chatbots that will help your customers and give them directions on your website. When you talk them through, you can also connect to them emotionally, which is suitable for creating a better user experience. 


Improving your online storefront is simple if you implement the right strategy. Make your site visible on search engines by implementing good SEO strategies, making it user-friendly, and connecting to your customers through live chat buttons.

When your storefront is user-friendly, you’ll build customer trust and attract more potential buyers. Improve your online storefront and watch your business grow. 

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