7 Ways To Prevent Crimes In The Workplace

Realistically speaking, crimes can happen anywhere, even in your own work premises. Also, another bad thing about crimes committed at work is that they’re usually perpetrated by current or former employees and customers who are upset with you and your retail business. However, as a business owner who works your way toward growing your company, the risks of crimes in your workplace should be taken seriously. While no business, including yours, isn’t immune to criminal acts, you can do something to steer clear of them.

Thus, if you’re looking to protect your retail business from criminals, below are the seven ways to prevent crimes in the workplace.

Install Security Surveillance Cameras

One of the best methods of protecting your work premises from criminals is by getting security surveillance cameras installed in the different areas of your building. There are many benefits of having a security camera in your business. With their advanced features, security surveillance cameras can become an effective crime deterrent tool for you and your company.

For example, by installing cameras from reliable providers in different entry points, you can see whoever comes to and leaves your company building, which will provide your workplace with a better level of protection against crimes. Also, whether the criminals are third parties or your own employees, having security cameras can discourage them from committing a crime because they know they’re being watched.

Consider Access Control Systems 

Another crime prevention method you should consider for your workplace is getting access control systems for you and your employees. This technological advancement can help protect your work premises by providing limited access to your employees and other important individuals.

When you do this, you can control access to your retail offices and other facilities, which can prevent criminal acts from causing harm to employees and customers alike. Also, with the installation of access control systems such as biometric scanners in your workplace, you can restrict unauthorized or unwanted guests from entering your premises.

Lock All Doors And Windows For The Night

Typically, criminal activities happen after your retail business has closed for the night. In such a case, there may be a high chance for theft and other related crimes to occur within your work premises.

To prevent that from happening, check whether all the doors and windows in your establishment are locked. Having locked doors and windows can strengthen the level of security in your building throughout the night. So if you think your windows and doors are already compromised, it’s a good idea to replace them with new ones that come with advanced security features.

Use Interior And Exterior Lighting

If you want to prevent a criminal or intruder from hiding their illegal activities, using exterior and interior lights around your workplace is an excellent idea. For example, you can install motion sensor lighting to deter any suspicious motion while providing enough illumination in certain areas. In such a case, it’s easier for you to detect the presence of a criminal around the premises and safeguard your workplace against any crime.

Hire Security Personnel

Aside from using modern security innovations in deterring criminal activity in your workplace, it’s advisable for you to hire experienced security personnel. They can help man your entry and exit points and scare off intruders from your premises.

Although they may not necessarily put fear in the hearts of criminals, working with private security companies may force bad individuals to leave your workplace alone and find a different target instead.

Raise Awareness Among Employees

Raising awareness about workplace safety and security among your employees can also be an effective way of preventing crimes in your establishment. You can do this by encouraging your personnel not to leave their personal belongings unattended and to make sure their bags are hidden from sight should they need to leave them within their workspace.

Moreover, you can raise awareness for safety and security by placing some signage around the work premises and encouraging employees to report any suspicious activity, including security breaches throughout the day. By doing this, you can work with your staff members in deterring crime that can happen on the property.

Conduct Background Checks For Employees

More often than not, some current or former employers may have criminal intentions toward your company. Hence, to prevent crimes committed by these individuals, it’s best to conduct employment background checks before hiring anyone. That way, you can filter applicants with a questionable past, including criminal records.


Indeed, workplace crime doesn’t have to affect your retail business, employees, and customers. By keeping the tips above in mind, you can ensure stronger defenses for your company, and as a result, you can create a crime-free environment for everyone in your workplace.

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