What Is Sponsored Wi-Fi for Retailers And Other Small Businesses?

Contributed by Jesse Bookspan. 

If you haven’t heard of “sponsored Wi-Fi” yet… no worries, you will soon. It’s all the buzz… and easy to understand why. So here goes… learn what sponsored Wi-Fi is here!

Sponsored Wi-Fi is a new Wi-Fi solution for businesses that provide their customers free connectivity.   After all, customers expect free Wi-Fi nowadays… wouldn’t you agree?   For far too long you have had two options; pay the monthly Wi-Fi bill and deal with Wi-Fi related headaches (IT issues, campers, thieves, and abusers) or risk alienating your business and being labeled a Wi-Fi abolitionist.

Sponsored Wi-Fi is the long overdue 3rd option. 

At its core, sponsored Wi-Fi is a way for you to give your customers the free Wi-Fi they expect AND get a tangible return for doing so.  As a pioneer in sponsored Wi-Fi, GuestNet’s platform was built with businesses to provide substantial value at no additional cost.  Rather than replace your current Wi-Fi network, GuestNet sends you a pre-configured router, which simply broadcasts an additional network.   You then change the name and password on your old network to make it for business purposes only (payment process, music, etc.).    Customers connect to the GuestNet router only, making Wi-Fi safer not only for your business but for your customers too!

When patrons connect through the GuestNet router they will be brought to a landing page, prior to getting connectivity they will have to engage with an ad in exchange for free connectivity.   1 ad = 1 hour of free Internet, if they stay longer they will have to watch an ad for each additional hour.   Customers will also have their bandwidth monitored, their Internet will be fast, but they will be unable to download large files like torrents or videos.    At the end of each month you will receive a Wi-Fi report and an e-check.  The amount of each check is based on the number of logons that occur on your network.  Pretty nice, huh?

Some common questions that are asked about this – specific to GuestNet – include the following. Hopefully this will help further expand your understanding of Sponsored Wi-Fi and the value it has for your business.

  • Q: How much does this cost? A: It’s free! There is a refundable $200 deposit to get started, after that there is no contract and no monthly fee.
  • Q: Is it hard to install? A: It is not at all, only taking about 5 minutes. If you have ever built anything from IKEA you are more than qualified!
  • Q:  I want to collect emails can GuestNet do that?  A: Yes!  We can require your customer to enter an email while logging on the first time.  After that it will remember their email.
  • Q: What happens if I have a tech issue? A:  In the unlikely even that you have an issue, you can call our support line and we will help you through it.  We’re better at troubleshooting that your current ISP, try us!

Finally, in a world where connectivity is a must nowadays, don’t you want to be the leader in your community to offer this as a small business? Learn more about how it may make sense for you here! 

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