Where To Start When Creating The ‘Brand’ For Your Business

Contributed by Lucy Burton.

The business or corporate environment has been going through a metamorphosis that has guaranteed high competition. In order to stand out, it’s apparent that all corporate entities regardless of size need to develop their own unique as well as attractive brands. This, from the onset, might seem to be an easy quest; however, with issues such as online advertising as well as social media influence the complexities of creating a brand are significant. In order to have a good start of creating a winning brand, there are a number of issues that have to be considered as explained below.

Identification Of Target Market

When creating a brand the very first thing to consider is who your target market is. Questions such as demographic (age, income, as well as gender), appeal, their needs as well as the ease to deliver, have to be underlined and answered. The message in addition to the imagery has to pass across an inimitable perception to your target market segment(s).

Identify And Learn Your Competition

The levels of competition in the 21st century are significant. Factors such as consumer information and loyalty, as well as product profiling are often used by companies to increase their competitive advantage to their rivals. Therefore it’s significant to find out what angle rivals are taking to attract your target market segment and if their ideas are successful, how to adopt or improve your own brand through their failures as well as successes.

Differentiate Your Unique Brand With Any Other Products In The Market

When creating a brand it is significant to know that psychology is a phenomenon that can be used in your favor. A client, despite having considerable loyalty to other rival products, is always open to other better options. Consequently, it is important to differentiate your brand’s iconic and unique quality. It is important to do so while considering the appeal of your own target market; for instance, a young population is always attracted to vibrant brands. An example is provided by RedBull and Monster energy drinks who are associated with extreme sports.

Bring Some Personality To Your Brand

There has been a consistent practice of presenting a brand predominantly as a logo or a voice; however, this might not be the obvious or well-placed thing to do. When you identify a brand to a person, you are likely to get better results. At this point, you have brainstormed through points 1, 2 and 3; it is important to join the three by giving your brand a personality that’s related to it’s target market. This will help you find a working logo and voice considering you will have known what your brand will wear and what it will say. A good example of this can be seen through Apple Inc. after their 2003 branding solution that made the product have a personality off class. Consequently, the new brand helped Apple products become more of a status accessory than either a phone, electronic tablet or portable music device.

Set A Plan To Be Flexible And Aggressive

As earlier stated, the current corporate environment is volatile and there is a constant need to get things right in order to develop a winning brand. Consequently, it is good for you to find a brand or image consultant who understands your goals and wishes. Be willing to be flexible to change considering that such technocrats are up to date and may have a much clearer view. Always keep in mind that creating a brand is a process and not a race. The only time you need to be fast and aggressive is when adapting to newer and more attractive technologies.

In summary, creating a brand involves more than on sketchbook creating a logo or selecting a voice over. It is a complex process, which requires an individual to identify the brand’s target audience and rivals and consequently appeals to the markets while differentiating from the rivals.

Additionally, there is need to have the brand have a personality that cannot only be acceptable but also admirable to have. Lastly, there is a need to accept help from professionals who have a clear perspective of what you want for your brand.

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