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.STORE Announces Winner in #MyStoreMyStory Contest

Supporting retailers worldwide, domain company .STORE recently launched a contest to help bring visibility to the value of branding your store online. As part of this campaign, .STORE invited retailers to share their unique stories on what made them want to become a retailer and how they ultimately decided on their brand name. Winning this contest was Andrew Brown, whose Twitter handle is @Andyandrew2.

Retailers and online sellers across the world are not only using their .STORE domain as a marketing and branding tool but also as their primary identity on the Internet. From Fortune 500 companies to artists, brands and SMBs; businesses love their .STORE domain because it’s

  • Memorable
  • Relevant
  • Brandable
  • Short
  • Intuitive
  • Recallable

You can get the benefit of using .store domains, as well. Build your retail or eCommerce store on a .store domain that’s relevant, memorable, and short. Register your brand name .store or product name .store now!

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