4 Ways to Brand Your Store With .STORE Domains to Get Traffic

As a retail business owner, one of your primary business objectives is to drive more traffic to your website or storefront. The challenge is that online retail sector is booming with hyper-competitive players. As a result, it is becoming more and more difficult for retailers such as you to get attention from the target audience. One of the ways to break through the clutter is by bringing in more innovation in the way you market your storefront to drive more traffic.

Some of the ‘traditional’ ways to increase website traffic are through paid marketing campaigns and promotional offers that can help drive traffic in bursts but these are rarely sustainable practices. To thrive in the long run, it is recommended that you build a higher brand recall, organically optimize your website for search engines and break the monotony with your marketing communication.

Use .STORE Domains as Creative Branding Tools

One of the most important tools to bring in innovation and creativity in marketing is through website names and site redirects on relevant domain extensions such as .STORE which is meant specifically for the retail and eCommerce industry. For example, when Emirates wanted to launch its merchandise store, it was on the website, which clearly separates it from its main website, Similarly, British automotive brand, McLaren chose to redirect to its official store page, How are these contextual domain names helping these global brands and how can you integrate these techniques in your marketing? To understand this more, take a look at 4 unique ways in which you can drive more traffic to your online storefront with your .STORE domain:

  1. Attract more traffic to your inner pages and product launch pages

 When your focus is to drive more traffic to a specific section on your website, it is often challenging to market that inner page because of its long and complicated link. You can find an innovative and effective solution to this by using .STORE domain redirects.

For example, redirects the user to This is a great example of how you can choose relevant domain names to direct your customers to revenue generating pages on your website.

Another example here is that of and Both the websites are owned by fitness trainer Bret Contreras. While the .com website is for content, the .STORE website is for selling and business.

  1. Make offline marketing more effective and actionable

A .STORE domain is the most effective way for you to blend offline marketing to your online presence. For example, is a memorable, intuitive domain name which redirects to this page on Etsy:

So, if you are running an ad in the local newspaper or printing marketing material for a specific product in your online store, include a short, memorable .STORE domain name in your communication. Your customers can use that easy-to-remember link to land on your product page.

  1. Create higher recall with branded URL shorteners

Did you know that every link that you share online can be branded with your store’s name? Instead of sharing URLs such as on social media, you can brand them creatively with a .STORE domain name.

Here’s an example:

Such custom links are memorable. They also reinforce your brand in every link your share on your social platforms which increases your brand recall and thus increases traffic in the long run.

  1. Gain more organic traffic through backlinks on keyword-rich domains

When you are looking for backlinks to your website for improving your organic search rank, the ‘anchor text’ is crucial. For example, if your website is www.lifeandstyle.storeand if you get repeatedly get backlinks from credible websites on the anchor text ‘life and style store’ and ‘lifestyle store’ over and over,  it will give a positive signal to the search engines about the authenticity of your website. The more backlinks you get in this way, the better it is for your organic search ranking and the better will be your organic traffic.

You can integrate all or any one of these techniques in your own marketing strategy by getting your .STORE domain.

Use of .STORE Domains as The Primary Website for Retail and eCommerce Businesses

Retailers and online sellers across the world are not only using their .STORE domain as a marketing and branding tool but also as their primary identity on the Internet. From Fortune 500 companies to artists, brands and SMBs; businesses love their .STORE domain because it’s

  • Memorable
  • Relevant
  • Brandable
  • Short
  • Intuitive
  • Recallable

You can get the benefit of using .store domains too! Build your retail or eCommerce store on a .store domain that’s relevant, memorable, and short. Register your or now!



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