Even dedicated shoppers need a break.

Three Old Fashioned Tips For Strong Customer Service

As a retailer, you are not only a small business owner – but also a customer to other businesses. Wearing both of these hats allow you to uniquely analyze what you want as a customer, as well as what you want to deliver to customers. While there are many ways customer service can stand out in a retail establishment, among the top three preferred ways go back to good old fashioned methods that are tried and true among brick and mortars.

1. Say customers names out loud. Even if you don’t know a customer by their first name, you can say their name when checking them out (assuming they made a purchase and using a credit card – simply peak at their card to know their name). Plus, if you begin to work with a customer and are spending some time supporting them in their shopping, it’s nice to offer them your name and ask them for theirs as a way to make it more personal. Finally, there should absolutely be a handful – or a huge pile – of customers you know by name simply because they shop in your store often. Say their name so your store begins to feel more of  a home to them then a shop they visit every now and again. The idea here is to make them feel welcomed.

2. Offer to take their bags, coats, umbrella, etc. When people come into your store, you want them to feel comfortable enough to engage with the merchandise. By offering to hold their bags, coat, umbrella, etc. while they shop, they can do this more easily. Another option? Create a space that allows them to leave their coats and other “extras” while they shop. They may not want to put down their purse or shopping bags, but it’s still a welcoming option to provide.

3. Have a resting area. Even the most beloved shopper needs a break from her feet every now and again. Of course, husbands, boyfriends, kids and friends all enjoy a place to “wait” while their friend or loved one is shopping. Let’s face it… few men have enough patience to stand in a store while their girlfriends shop without getting anzy. Offer an assortment of magazines, a coloring table or even a drink for your shopping guests. Soon, they will get the idea that your store is the best store to shop at – and be a repeat guest. The catch? That means you gain repeat customers.

Sometimes going back to the basics of brick and mortar is all you need for a little facelift and customer service pick-me-up. After all, shopping isn’t a new sport. The rules have just changed a bit. That doesn’t mean the classic “how to” list needs to go, though.

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    Hi Nicole,

    Great article! You are right on. We always had a resting area, chairs, in our store so the elderly, or someone’s friend our spouse, could rest while letting the shopper shop. Thank you! Kirt

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