Promo Codes and Why They’re So Popular

One of the promotional tools that are becoming a hit among shoppers is promo and discount codes, or coupons. When companies give them out regularly, shoppers go crazy in collecting them. Why pay the full price over something that you can get at a discount, right?

If sales are attractive to almost everybody, promo codes are no different. Because of its effectivity in the business industry, it looks like there’s no stopping companies from issuing even more promo codes and coupons every season.

That said, here’s all you need to know about promo codes and why they’ve become popular over the years.

They Create A Sense Of Urgency To Shop


Promo codes have become a major driving force for shoppers to buy even more. It creates a sense of urgency among shoppers that results in more sales for businesses. Especially when these promo codes are sent at opportune times, such as after payday.

Shoppers, particularly women, love it when they get a discount on things. And, when a code from gopromocodes pops out on the same day as their payday, they’ll be running to the mall as if they’ve seen money being given away.

This highlights the effectivity both for the shoppers and for the companies. From the business perspective, you’re driving revenue into your registers. Without those promo codes, that shopper wouldn’t have even bought your brand in the first place. And, from the shopper’s perspective, they just hit the jackpot as they purchased a brand new pair of shoes at a discounted price

It’s Very Easy To Gather

One of the reasons why promo codes are becoming more popular is because it’s very straightforward to gather. If a company offers discounts, but couldn’t be obtained quickly, there’s no way that shoppers are going to go through all that effort to look for them. In fact, they would rather wait for a store sale.

But, nowadays, all thanks to technology, coupons have become even easier than ever to gather, as they’re all over the place. Coupons and promo codes are in magazines, and on Sunday newspapers. They’re even on the Internet, too, such as

All you have to do is to download the coupon and save the photo or the code on your phone or your digital wallet, respectively. When it’s time to go shopping, all the shopper has to do is to bring out the promo code, and wait for the savings to be applied at the register.

It Stretches Out The Penny A Little Bit More

There’s no denying the fact that one of the most common complaints of shoppers all over the world is that the prices of goods and commodities are getting even more expensive than ever. Whether you’re shopping for a need or want, the principle is the same: you would always crave for a discount. If you can get something on sale and at a discount, then why not. Many shoppers even time their purchases when stores are on sale, or when there’s a promo code.

To combat this problem, and to encourage shoppers to continue buying despite the price tag, promo codes are sent out by the companies. When you shop with a promo code, it allows you to stretch out even your last penny a little bit more. If you used to afford just one bottle of dish soap every shopping trip, now you can afford two. The extra bottle you can stretch out more for the next month, so you can skip the need to buy one by then.

In effect, shopper’s wallets are happier, and they can continue patronizing your brand even more.

It Helps Create A Loyal Brand Following

This section works as a win-win both for the company (the brand) and the shopper. When the budget can get tight, shoppers tend to switch to cheaper brands. For the company, this means a loss of customers, hence, loss of profits.

They’ve found the solution to this problem, which is to give out promo codes to their brands. In this manner, shoppers are forced to patronize the same brand simply because they can now afford to repurchase it – even better yet, at a discount.

The shopper is happy because they get the usual brand that they love to purchase, and the company is happy, too, because they’ve retained a loyal brand following.



Promo codes have become an essential part of the retail, sales, and marketing industry. Because it’s a staple favorite among shoppers, companies are getting even more enticed with giving out more.

In essence, promo codes and coupons are a win-win for everybody. It makes the companies happy because of increased sales, and it keeps the shoppers busy by buying even more as well.


Contributed by Rebecca Picaron who loves to write and enjoys writing about the best ways to save money. She is looking to start her own business in the near future and hopes to one day to travel around the world. In her spare time, she enjoys exercising and spending time with her friends. 

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