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Pregnant Woman Using Digital Tablet At Cafe

Music & the Shopping Experience: Encourage Shoppers to Browse, Buy

Great products and competitive prices are keys to keeping customers in your store, but the type of … [Read More...]


The Interbike International Bicycle Exposition Welcomes the Independent Retailer Conference

Parker, CO (March 25, 2015) – The largest annual gathering of bicycle industry professionals in … [Read More...]


What Indie Retailers Can Learn From Independent Restaurants

Here at Retail Minded we not only shop indie, we eat indie as well. We've had some fantastic meals … [Read More...]


Kizer & Bender Introduce New “Top Performers” Webinar Club

March 25, 2015 (Parker, CO) - KIZER & BENDER - professional speakers, retail strategists, … [Read More...]


5 Ways to Avoid Markdowns on Your Inventory

It's bound to happen one of these days if it hasn't already... you will have inventory that simply … [Read More...]


Why Your Business Should Invest in the iPhone 6

With nearly 7.3 billion mobile devices out there for only 7 billion people, according to AdWeek, … [Read More...]


Retail in Real Time APIs: A Key to Customer Loyalty

The term API might sound like a technology issue, but it's not, really—it’s a business issue, and a … [Read More...]


7 Ways You Can Become a “Greener” Retailer

As a small retailer, it’s easy to be green! It seems that no matter where we look today, everyone … [Read More...]


IN A GLANCE: What You Missed at ASD Market Week in Las Vegas | March 2015

If you weren't among the 45K attendees at the recent ASD Market Week held March 1-4, 2015 in Las … [Read More...]


Mobile Commerce and Why Consumers Aren’t Buying It

Smartphone usage is becoming a nearly universal part of modern life, but mobile commerce – although … [Read More...]


Beyond Vendors, ASD Market Week Supports Attendees With Retail Rich Education | Day 4 March 2015

Attendees at ASD Market Week are no strangers to discovering high margin inventory for their stores, … [Read More...]


Home, Gift, and More Stand Out at ASD Market Week | Day 3 March 2015

ASD Market Week is the industry's largest trade show of it's kind, bringing together essentially … [Read More...]