Keys to a Conversational Sales Pitch

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships, whether they are personal or business relationships. When in sales (and everyone is in sales one way or another), your numbers are directly linked to the quality of the relationships that you build. A conversational sales pitch is more than a smooth presentation. It sets the stage for truly developing a relationship with the customers, making sure they get what they need from the interaction.

Know Why People Decide to Buy

Before you develop a pitch, understand how people make a decision to purchase in the first place. There are quite a few theories out there, but most agree that people start by looking at quality. Research shows that people try to make a purchase for the highest quality item that they can afford. Price is a limiting factor, but it’s not a decision reason.

For example, in the real estate world, agents debated whether or not to place the price of a home on the flyer. Ultimately, most of them decided to place it because it removes people who will never get to the quality part of the process from the pool of potential buyers.

Understand the Maieutic Process

Now that you have a little understanding of decision psychology under your belt, it is time to create a conversational sales relationship that brings your customer’s needs to the surface. This is called a maieutic process. Use a series of questions (think about the Socratic Method) to pull your customer’s requirements to their conscious mind. If you use this type of approach as your underlying business practice, you always will be focused on your consumer’s needs and provide better service.

Control the Conversation

When you look at a blog like Amway’s, you will find that it tells you what the company wants you to know. It focuses on its products and how its customers can use them. Having a customer drift off into non sequiturs does neither of you any good. A conversational approach gives you permission to bring the discussion back to the topic at hand. When you are being casual in your manner, it is natural for the conversation to move off course, so bring it back using the Socratic tools and ask some pointed questions.

Go for the No

The worst word in sales is “maybe.” You either need to get the customer to say “yes” and then go and sign a contract or say “no” and move to the next option. Since customers are a wary bunch, they are looking for a reason to be pushed toward the affirmative. Take ambivalence off the table and make them say “no.” The customer’s only other option is to make the purchase.

Develop a Relationship

According to relationship marketing theory, your job is to create a lasting relationship with the customer. The idea is that a sale will happen naturally if you have loyalty. Coca Cola has set a standard as a great relationship marketer, selling the idea that friends drink Coke. Use the same concept and sell your friendship before you sell the product. As a result? More sales. Sometimes it really can be that simple.

Photo Credit: Social Monsters with permission to use. 

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